TATA DAEWOO Vehicle Service Workshop

Our technical team are all fully trained and certified by TATA DAEWOO, using the very latest diagnostic technology. Our technical team consists of four Level 3 (Expert) technicians who can all handle all the major repairs and rectifications

We will only fit Genuine TATA DAEWOO Parts, which are manufactured to the same specification as originally fitted in your TATA DAEWOO vehicles. This means that you can be assured that you are buying the result of rigorous design, development, and testing.

We are completely transparent with our pricing and will provide a detailed explanation of all work completed on your vehicle.

High quality repair service

Utilization of certified materials recommended by TATA DAEWOO


Al Zayani provides high quality ‘Body & Paint Repair’ services to your TATA DAEWOO Vehicles through our workshop

All major body work and paintwork repairs are carried out within strict manufacturer guidelines and using original genuine parts and materials

Don’t replace them, we’ll repair them*. Our technicians can repair scuffs and surface damage to all types and colours of alloy wheels without the need for replacement.

Vehicle repair permission

In case of an accident, immediately contact the nearby police-station to gather the “Police Report” substantiating the incident and attain “Vehicle repair permission” to perform the repair.

Documents to be brought while your visit:-

  1. Police Report and Vehicle Repair permission.
  2. Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  3. Copy of Insurance policy.
  4. Copy of Civil ID card.
  5. Copy of Driving License.