After this difficult time we are excited about the gradual re-opening of retail businesses. 

Thank you to almost 1,000 customers who completed our recent feedback survey where we asked what they expect from us and their outlook on the economy.

Excellent feedback and some great suggestions on what we can do to ensure you have a safe experience.

​74% of our customers wanted our employees to be wearing masks and gloves post lock-down.

71% of our customers wanted touchable surfaced to be sanitized or covered. ​

80% of our customers speculate that the country will re-open in less than 6 months. ​

74% of our customers requested at home servicing for their vehicles. ​

68% of our customers wanted to have their temperatures checked at the entrance.  ​

68% of our customers have no travel plans outside of Kuwait this year.​

64% of our customers want retailers to take health and safety measures. ​

63% of our customers want limited numbers of people at once going into a showroom.​

57% of our customers prefer to use the live chat or what's App as an option of communication. ​

51% of our customers will continue to practice social distancing once the country resumes to normal.

44% of our customers want a con tactless showroom experience​.

40% of our customers prefer home test drives and sales experience.​

38% of our customers would like to see more finance offer options for vehicles.​

37% of our customers would like the ability of purchasing their vehicles online.​

36% of our customers would like to have an online experience. ​

​Only 27% of our customers will go back to their normal shopping habits.

23% of our customers would like to see more leasing options.

The Steps we have taken based on the wishes of our valued customers.

At Al-Zayani you can be sure that the health and safety of our people and our customers is our No.1 priority.

However, unlike most other businesses, you won't find prohibitive measures that detract from your luxury experience.

Al-Zayani Automotive provides masks and gloves to their employees upon arrival to work.

All employees are obliged to wear masks and gloves at all times and ensure social distancing.

All employees maintain a distance of 2 meters. 

Offices have been reorganized to ensure a safe working environment.

​All staff have their temperature checked twice per day. 

Before entering the premises, staff's temperature is checked. All staff temperatures should be below 37 degrees for them to enter the workplace.

Second temperature check is done randomly during the day. 

All contact surfaces such as tables and door handles are disinfected three times during the day.

Showrooms, workshops and offices are disinfected daily  with industrial sanitisation equipment twice a day before opening hours and closing hours.

We provide our customers with face shields when close proximity is detected. 

After every test drive, the vehicle goes under a heavy disinfecting antibacterial treatment to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers.​

After every customer viewing we take extra measures to sanitize the vehicle.

All showroom toilets are sanitized three times per day.

You won't be standing in a queue or waiting behind a yellow sticker on the floor.

You will be free to enjoy the experience safe in the knowledge that we are taking care of everything.

All we ask is that you take our temperature check, wear a face mask and respect social distancing guidelines.

Not only can you visit the safest place to buy your next car, but you can find our best ever deals right now!

Work together, work smarter and work harder to expedite the recovery.