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Thank you for booking your appointment – Below you can find everything that you can expect before arriving at our Jaguar Service Center

Having your Jaguar serviced regularly is vitally important to keep it running as smoothly as possible not to mention to ensure your Jaguar warranty and service history stays up to date to retain the value in your vehicle.

All work on your vehicle will be carried out by Jaguar trained technicians in our new state of the art service center using the latest Jaguar diagnostic technology and fully guaranteed genuine parts from the UK.​

What to expect when arriving at Jaguar's Service Centre

Jaguar's service advisers will be on hand to welcome you for your appointment.

  • State of the art facility with covered parking area
  • Our technical team are all fully trained and certified by Jaguar, using the very latest diagnostic technology
  • We will only fit Genuine Jaguar Parts, which are manufactured to the same specification as originally fitted in your Jaguar
  • Completely transparent pricing and we will provide a quotation for all work on your vehicle with absolutely no hidden or unexpected costs
  • Courtesy / Loan vehicles available subject to appointment and availability 
  • Luxury lounges and refreshments available should you choose our while-you-wait service
  • Complimentary Visual Health Check (VHC), with a personal video of your vehicle sent to you detailing any urgent work THAT MAY BE required
  • Our Service centre is located behind the Jaguar Showroom in Al Rai, Street 29

What is Video VHC? What does it mean to get a Video Vehicle Health Check sent by SMS?

  • A Comprehensive Visual Health Check (VHC) will be carried out by one of our Jaguar’s trained technicians
  • If urgent work is needed, our technician will proceed to create a short video detailing the issue and what needs to be done
  • You will then receive an SMS with a link to view the video and approve the work that is required via a OTP (one-time-pin)
  • Our technician will then continue with scheduled work and any additional work that you have approved through the Video VHC link

What is included in a Vehicle Health Check?

Many areas of your car will be visually checked over by our fully trained technicians:

  • Bodywork for damage and signs of corrosion
  • All brakes components for wear and tear and brake fluid
  • Tyres for damage, uneven wear and compliance
  • Exhaust system for leaks or damage
  • Steering system and power steering fluid
  • Suspension for wear and tear
  • All lights and basic electrical system
  • All fluid levels

Your VHC Results

When your vehicle has been through the VHC it will be assessed on a traffic light system to show the condition and assess any further actions to be taken.

Each area examined will be denoted as either:

Green– No Action Required

Amber – May require attention now or at a later date

Red – Urgent! – vehicle is unsafe, or needs work today to prevent a more expensive repair later.

We will call you once the check is complete and provide you with a copy when you come to pick up your vehicle.

Meet The Team

Jaguar's Service advisers will be available to provide a seamless and comfortable experience. Should you have any questions or complaints, please visit our Reception Manager, Ahmad Al Badri.

From the right to left – Mostafa, Ahmad, Mohammed, Ahmad Badri, Sherif, Moutaz