Tundland Double Cabin


The Tunland is Foton’s signature next-generation pickup truck. The vehicle features the latest technology and is extremely reliable. Thanks to its special design, the Tunland offers you an impressive visibility and an extraordinary driving experience. Displaying perfection in every detail, the Tunland truly is in a class of its own. For both work and leisure, the Tunland is the perfect choice for the discerning driver.


This model features a 12-hole particle fuel injector and EFI technology. The exhaust system features a dual tubular exhaust manifold with a catalyst converter. The Intake system is based on the MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control) system with 4 cylinders and 16 valves.

Fashionable shape

TUNLAND is a high-end, state-of-the-art pickup developed by Foton that combines global technologies with classic quality. As a new generation Foton pickup product, its design allows for both the fashion of a passenger vehicle and the utility of a commercial vehicle.


The interior of the Tunland shows great attention to detail. Three-dimensional, high-performance LED lights allow for great visual comfort. A handy 5-speed gear shift lever makes shifting gears easy and fun. Full electronic controls are in place, including a unique locking system.

Front row super large space and broad view

The wide body provides more elbow room for front passengers and frees him/her from any sense of constraints. Broad windshield provides a pantoscopic view

Very spacious rear row

The broader rear row space with leg room of up to 800mm allows passengers to fully stretch their bodies and ride in a more comfortable manner

High strength

The frame adopts a side beam type, variable cross-section structure, and the crossbeam adopts a seven-beam design to get higher torsional rigidity, and the front uses the crushable structure design and front arch-shaped anti-collision beam to ensure four-star- level impact safety

High precision

The longeron adopts the most advanced three-section structure design, and the welding precision of the frame can be guaranteed to get overall frame precision

High travel stabilitiy

The overall width of frame is 40mm greater than that of the same category of models so as to get better steering stability of the vehicle.

Load Capacity

The Tunland truck bed is spacious and its cargo capacity is up to 1Ton.

Safety Features:

Anti Locking Braking System.

Electronic Brake force Distribution.

Brake Overriding System.

Electronic Stability Control.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Dual Airbags (Front Side).

Crystal Diamond Headlights

The special headlights with reflectors distribute light in a long, wide pattern, contributing to excellent visibility at night.

FOTON Tunland Pick-Up Double Cabin Specifications

Engine : Mitsubishi 4G69

Fuel Type : Gasoline 2.4 L

Max. Power : 136 HP

Cargo Dimensions : L1520 x W1560 x H440 (mm)

Brake System : Front disc, Rear drum

Transmission : 5 speed, Manual Transmission