Ferrari Track Day & F8 Spider Viewing 2020 | Al Zayani Ferrari

Ferrari Track Day & F8 Spider Viewing 2020

​ Ferrari hosted the first track event of 2020 on the 8th of February at Kuwait Motor Town.

The event was exclusively for Ferrari owners accompanied by friends/family.

Over 100 Ferraristis gathered together with their vehicles at KNPC Parking lot in Ahmadi and drove away altogether to KMT where the activities began.

Once customers arrived to the track after the parade, they did two welcome laps followed by a group picture.

After that, the F8 Spider was available for customers and guests to view & they had the opportunity to test drive the F8 Tributo.

It was a day filled with power, passion and adrenaline!

We look forward to Passione Ferrari Track day event that will be taking place at the end of this year, stay tuned!