Elegant but highly simplified, quiet yet dynamic, the BYD Tang was designed by an international expert team led by Mr. Wolfgang Egger, who found inspiration in the dragon as a symbol of Chinese culture, integrating eastern elegance and western simplicity that stands out easily as the BYD design identity.



The Tang features striking LED linear interactive lights, with integrated twin taillight design and streaming turn signals, making the Tang more charming and attractive. Sleek tension side-lines enhance aerodynamics and convey a streamlined aesthetics feel. The interior features a surrounding dashboard and console design with simple lines and black and silver panels to create a timeless and elegant atmosphere. A centralized function control features a 90° rotating pad for flexible operation, in a display of futuristic technology.

Performance: The Tang is equipped with a 2.0T engine and 6AT gearbox with a maximum power of 151 kW. The SEA luxury chassis platform technology was developed by former Mercedes Benz chief chassis specialist Heinz Keck, creating a consistently comfortable and stable driving experience. The 20-inch wheels with five pairs of aluminium alloy hubs along with Continental AG R20 245/ 45mm tires provide improved grip and stability in both dry and wet terrains.


The Tang has no dearth of space, with seven seats in three rows that can be adjusted and rearranged with full flexibility. A panoramic sunroof provides a broad sky view. Tang provides an extremely comfortable and quiet driving experience in all aspects, featuring the latest NVH technology tuned by top Korean experts with double layered soundproof glass and special sound insulation materials. The Tang’s seats are designed and made by world leading automotive interior design company Faurecia, featuring seat position memory, ventilation and heating technologies.


The Tang features dual screens – a 12.3 inch instrument panel and a 12.8 inch car pad with 1920*1080 resolutions. The 90° rotating pad follows that of a smartphone screen switching between vertical and horizontal. All physical buttons are centralized in the large screen for a tidy and convenient layout. The Android system pad features 8-core CPU, 3G memory and 32G storage space. Additionally to the vehicle controls, the pad also plays music and movies, and the user can play games and record videos, all without affecting the fluency of system. Furthermore, nine leading-edge stereo Dirac Live speakers from Sweden turn the car into a mobile movie theatre to make your journey a lot more fun.

The BYD Tang Interactive system fully connects the vehicle with people and life, making the car a highly intelligent machine. Additionally, the new Tang is keyless, and features inductive trunk and windscreen wipers, as well as intelligent headlights, to free the drivers’ hands as much as possible, topped with the intelligent rotating pad to connect to multimedia, Bluetooth and hotspot. A new era of smart travel with all boundaries remove.


The car body is made with ultra-high strength steel plates with the roof withstanding a jaw-dropping 9-ton pressure. The LCB lightweight design reduces gross weight by 100 kilograms, improving safety while reducing energy consumption. A wealth of intelligent safety systems equip the vehicle and provide all-around safety, including automatic emergency braking, automatic collision unlocking, predictive collision warning system, lane departure warning system, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign identification system, TPMS, ESP and EPB. The Tang is also equipped with 6 sensors, 360°panoramic camera, active safety prediction, and intelligent traffic safety driving to ensure the physical integrity of driver and passengers.