Song Max was created by German team of experts, for an MPV with added technology, elegance and style.



The brand new design concept is inspired by elements of Chinese culture and tradition harmoniously blended with the latest technology in car making. Song Max is a sleek MPV with a unique, distinctive dragon face and a “floating” roof with the pillars integrated into the window colour pattern. Matrix LED Headlights provides a layered and wider lighting array.


Space: Flexible seating configurations make Song Max a true multi-purpose vehicle with extra practicality: each of the five rear seats can be configured, folded, flipped and stowed, depending on how many passengers you’re carrying. Driver + 6 passengers can travel comfortably with all seats propped up, and with the second and third rows folded completely flat, Song Max provides an impressive 1760-liter cargo space whenever you need to carry that extra load.

Sunroof: A massive 65-inch panoramic sunroof creates a feeling of integration with the outside, and during the day intensifies your comfort with warm natural light.


CarPad: A massive 12.8-inch CarPad centralizes the vehicle’s functions so all commands are at your fingertips. Internet connection and wi-fi provide an eminent platform for communications and entertainment.


360º HD Panoramic View – A 360° HD panoramic view amplifies the feeling of control, and improves driving by increasing safety.