A bold new era has arrived. Born from our obsession to create beautiful interior, expressed through our design language called “Dragon Face”. Feel by our delicate touch of the steering wheel, and inspired at your every step on the accelerator. The Qin Pro has everything you want and none of the excess.



Thank the combination of the craftsmanship and traditional Chinese culture. Our global design team gave Qin Pro an organic design for timeless character. The Qin pro is as graceful as a swimming dragon, which means auspiciousness and power.

Our goal is not just to design a car with good looks. We care more about where you can't see. No matter its strong body, efficient power train, or precise steering and agile

Chassis, beauty is never just a matter of looks.


Immerse yourself in a cabin that’s elegant and refined. It's as quiet as if you were in a library. Materials and finishes selectively chosen by master craftsmen. Features intelligently positioned to anticipate your every move. You can’t help but feel like it was made just for you.


Qin Pro's intelligent cockpit with power rotatory car-pad and floating dashboard stands out from the rest. Internet connection and Wi-Fi provide an eminent platform for communications and entertainment.


A new generation of driver assistance and safety systems can keep virtual eyes on the road, and lend a virtual head to help keep you on course. Whether keeping you connected or helping you get away from it all, control is at your fingertips.