Welcome to Al Zayani Trading Co.


A family business established over 60 years ago, Al Zayani has become one of the most highly regarded luxury automotive retailers in the Gulf region representing some of the world’s finest automotive brands.

Since its establishment in the 1950’s, Al Zayani has represented the automotive industry in Kuwait. Located at the time in the heart of the old city it was the sole importer of Austin vehicles. Although this once proud British brand is no longer manufactured, Al Zayani has built on the experience of those pioneering days to become what it is today.

Today’s enviable portfolio includes Jaguar, Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and Bugatti as well as Tata and Daewoo commercial vehicles. Al Zayani are truly one of the most exciting names in motor retailing today, vibrant with a fresh approach and focus on delivering the very highest levels of customer experience.

In 1990 Kuwait was subject to the hostile Iraqi invasion, which had a major adverse effect on all economic sectors within the country, both during the occupation and the aftermath. Among many businesses Al Zayani suffered severely during this time. The company’s premises were completely destroyed and its contents pillaged. Following this period, the company had to completely rebuild everything it had lost, and in 1994 a new head-office and showrooms were open for again business.

These state of the art facilities, completely rebuilt again in 2016, offer our customers the very best in luxury and refinement with the very latest technology.

Although Al Zayani has gone through many changes, and faced many challenges over the years, it remains, very firmly, family owned and operated.

Al Zayani is not just another car dealership. Car sales might be the main field of the business, but Al Zayani sees itself as a company built on providing quality service to customers. The core of operational activities is driven by our focus on customer experience.

In short, we do not sell cars. We provide a lifestyle.



Established in Bremen, Germany in 1919 by automotive pioneer Carl F.W. Borgward, BORGWARD grew to become Germany’s third largest automotive manufacturer and largest automotive exporter. BORGWARD spread its presence worldwide to Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia due to its innovative technologies and designs. Committed to constant innovation, BORGWARD offered the most diverse product line, which included epoch-making sedans, race cars, buses, fire trucks and even helicopters.




BORGWARD’s core values are craftsmanship, intelligence, forward-thinking and accessibility. It’s not only our passion to create German intelligent premium vehicles; it encompasses our brand mission – to ‘feel the future’. With nearly a century of history, we are committed to this revolutionary journey as we create innovative vehicle models that feature the latest technologies and trims.



BORGWARD’s headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany, yet the brand has a true international presence with branches in China, Russia, India, Brazil, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe. The company hires more than 2,300 full-time engineers and technical personnel from 12 countries and recruited from 16 auto brands who are working tirelessly to bring accessible premium to markets worldwide. The company is constantly evolving, coming up with innovative designs and superior technology.

BORGWARD Group AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany