Our vision to be the Premier Automotive Retailer in the MENA Region requires the full support of our manufacturer partners. We are proud to have consistently received accolades for our outstanding business performance and customer experience.

2018 Ferrari Best Showroom Experience MENAI 

2018 Bentley Sales Operation MEAI

2018 Maserati Global Sales Award

2018 Bentley After Sales Elite Award

2018 Ferrari Best Showroom Award

2018 Bentley Global After Sales Award

2018 Ferrari Importer of the Year

2018 Bentley Highest Customer Order Bank

2017 Ferrari Best Showroom MENA

2018 Jaguar 360 CRM Award

2017 Jaguar No.1 Pre-Owned Performance

2017 Tata Highest Sales In Buses

2017 Ferrari Importer of the Year

2017 Maserati New Sales Performance

2017 Jaguar Best Digital Campaign MENA

2017 Jaguar Best Sales Campaign MENA

2016 Ferrari Importer of the Year​

2016 Jaguar MENA Aftersales Award

2016 Bentley Team of The Year Finalists

2016 Bentley 2nd in Worldwide Elite Club

2015 Ferrari Top Sales CSI MENA

2015 Jaguar Most Improved Service CSI

2015 Jaguar Best Approved Campaign

2015 Jaguar Best Financial Services Campaign

2015 Jaguar Best Authorised MENA Body Shop​​

2015 Jaguar Aftersales Quality MENA

2015 Tata Highest Growth in Market Share Buses

2015 Tata Distributor of the year

2014 Jaguar Best Customer Satisfaction

2014 Ferrari Importer of the Year

2014 Ferrari Top Sales CSI MENA

2014 Ferrari Best Sales Executive of the Year

2014 TATA Best Customer Engagement

2014 TATA Long term Partnership Award

2013 Ferrari Importer of the Year

2013 Ferrari Top Sales CSI MENA

2012 Jaguar Top Sales CSI

2012 Ferrari Top Sales CSI MENA

2012 Ferrari Top After Sales CSI MENA

2012 Tata Daewoo Best Business Drive award

2012 TATA Outstanding Performance

2010 Jaguar Highest Sales in MENA

2010 Jaguar Highest Sales Growth in MENA

2010 Jaguar Best Sales Performance

2009 Ferrari Importer of the Year

2009 Maserati Importer of the Year