Live with Luxury for 8 hours a day and you’ll become a manager in 3 years!

Are you a young driven self-starter & passionate? Have you ever imagined that your first job after graduation would be something around Jaguar, Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley & Bugatti?

Not only do we promise you to work with those iconic brands, we will also invest in you for 3 years to get you ready for a managerial position – If you pass the assessments, we guarantee you a senior position.

Well it doesn’t stop here. We will provide you with all the real practical experience and for 3 years we will work on hands-on vocational, on the job training, where you will be able to shadow our management team on various projects / accountabilities and you will learn the essential skills those would enrich your experience to boost your career development journey with us!

What it’s like to be part of Al-Zayani environment?

ZAYANI Automotive has been operating in Kuwait for over 60 years, proudly representing some of the world’s finest automotive brands.

Our diverse & inclusive culture is what makes our company different. In order to be ahead of the market, with emerging innovation and improving our work experiences. Every individual is an asset to our success, and our fuel to our engine. We are driven by results and will not hesitate to do what it takes to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Our growth has been gradually built throughout the past decades by delivering a premium experience to our loyal Kuwaiti customers.Due to the nature of our luxury brands now, we strongly believe that our growth will expand even further with more Kuwaiti leaders across our organization.

Jumpstart your career – Join the Q8 Leadership Programme

Our objective today is to hire and train 10 fresh graduates of Kuwaitis with high level of commitment and specific core competencies to put them on a management career path that involves various training and development activities to generate a middle management layer of Kuwaiti nationals for two main reasons.

  1. To enhance our VIP Kuwaiti customers experience through dealing with native Kuwaitis in all customer facing and middle management roles.
  2. To help Kuwaiti job seekers to find a solid career path in the private sector, with the country’s premier luxury automotive retailer.

There is no single characteristic that we're looking for in a graduate. You will need to be Kuwaiti who has a can-do attitude, a positive outlook, enthusiasm, energy and demonstrate great interpersonal skills.

In terms of your qualifications, we’ll be looking for Kuwaiti fresh university, private language school graduates but equally important will be your ambition, intellect, commercial acumen and personal initiative. A desire to potentially develop a career within the motor trade business would be advantageous.

You will need to be excited by an extremely driven, hands-on culture with action based learning and motivated by being challenged and stretched to achieve high performance and deliver results.


  • Kuwaiti
  • Ambition-oriented, passionate & hard working
  • Bachelor degree in any business studies major, with a minimum of 2.8 GPA.
  • Fresh university graduate or up to 3 years of relevant work experience
  • Strong English language skills.
  • Full-time employee from the day you complete your first 100 days of a mandatory probation period.


You will be required to pass through a robust selection process that involves

  1. Face to face interview
  2. English Language test
  3. A job match structured assessment


36-months Programme module:

Our Q8 Leadership programme, will provide you with real practical experience from day one. The programme will be for a duration of 3 years and consist of hands-on placements, formal and informal training, working with our experienced management team and completing various business projects.You'll learn about our business and develop the skills and experiences to take you on your career journey.

You'll be an important member of our team right from the start and you'll be encouraged to make decisions, use your initiative and apply your skills to real jobs in real business situations.

Why should you be part of the programme?

  • A highly competitive salary consisting of basic wage and an attractive performance based commission.
  • An opportunity to work with the world’s finest and most desirable luxury performance automotive brands.
  • A crystal clear career path leading to a management position within 3 years.
  • A clear training plan done in conjunction with our own Training Academy and one the world’s leading automotive training providers.
  • After successful completion of the Q8 Leadership Programme, the top performers will be enrolled in a management development plan, each with one of our manufacturer partners.